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How it works...

Your bio is an integral aspect of your website, Social Media pages, EPK and Media outreach. It’s smart to hire a professional in the field to handle this aspect of building your brand. Having been in PR writing for 20 years, as well as having been a music journalist on the receiving end of PR pitches, I have the knowledge to ask the right questions to tell your story.


Once payment is received, the ball gets rolling immediately!

You’ll receive a list of questions to answer.

Using the answers you provide, a draft will be sent back to you to proof and provide edits, further info, and/ or feedback. We work together to perfect your best story, and typically this is completed within 3 interactions.


You’ll receive 2 Bios: A Bio short and a full Bio. The short one can be used for your website and social media. The full bio is for media outreach. When the media write about you, they need more detailed info for a story than the general public. Your full bio will give them your story. YOU ARE GETTING 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!


All Writing Services are in AP Style, as used by Media Outlets. Each PR Campaign is tailored to target the appropriate media outlets with the goal of optimum results. All pricing is competitive by the Industry Standards.


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